Wedding Dance

Dmitry Chaplin

Make your special night even more unique and unforgettable with a customized wedding routine!
I am Dmitry Chaplin, an Emmy Nominated Choreographer, a runner up of "Dancing With The Stars", top 10 finalist of "So You Think You Can Dance", US National Ballroom Finalist and a Semi-Finalist of the World in Under 21 Latin.
With over 20 years of dance experience and my work in television
With over 20 years of dance experience and my work in television, live shows and competitions, I now know exactly how to make anyone look good without any stress and prolonged hours in the dance studio.
I believe that anyone can dance, it's just a matter of knowing little "tricks" that get the results fast.
From beginners to advanced dancers, from traditional to modern, from Ballroom to Hip Hop, Contemporary to Tango, and more! I would like to create a one of a kind choreography designed specifically for you!
My vision is to completely modernize the way we look at the "boring" dance routines! Nothing should be fixed but adopted to each person based on their personality, dance experience and natural ability. The goal is to help you have fun learning the dance and make you look good performing it.
first dances, parent dances, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, same sex wedding dances, entire bridal party choreographed dances, proposal flash mob routines, surprise dances for special occasions
A free consultation in person where we could meet and discuss your vision
Services include
Practice video for your personal use away from the studio
Dance lessons in a private dance studio
Editing of the music
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